Alternative Health Works - for Becoming and Staying Healthy

An Early Start on a Diet of Corn Syrup and White Bread Is Not Good Preparation For Health or Motherhood!

The first time I looked at my newborn child I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of what being a parent involved. I had to make the right decisions for her for the next 18 or 20 years of her life. I was the ultimate decision-making authority, and felt frighteningly unprepared.

Eek! How do we Keep Babies Healthy?

There were many areas to think about of course, but one of the most immediate was food. I was brought up being fed corn syrup in milk as a baby. White flour made into bread, cakes and cookies was a staple. Sugar was good food for kids.

So it was the area of food and health that I was mainly concerned about at that point. What did healthy kids eat? I knew she would have breast milk for at least the first 6 months, but what happens after that?

What Else do I Need to Know?

That started my interest in all things healthy. I stay aware of what  traditional medical offers, but I make myself aware of the alternatives as well and like to think I have developed a critical eye to truths and unfounded promises on both sides. We ate organic food, avoided too much processed food, used ‘alternative’ ointments and supplements, found an open-minded doctor, and our health seemed to benefit.

Now How do we Stay Healthy as we Age?

Although my children are now grown, I have maintained a ‘healthy’ interest. As it happens, alternative health professionals have done far more for my health than mainstream medical doctors, although I maintain contact and respect for traditional medicine with all of its limitations.

I read the websites and blogs of several alternate health authorities daily, and learn as much as I can. This is my passion and an area of keen interest. It is fascinating researching and writing about the increasing range of alternative products being made available.

Not surprisingly, I think, my interest in alternative health ties in absolutely on a broader scale with an interest in self-help and self-development. I see them as pieces of the same complex puzzle of humanity.