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Versatile Braided Jute Baskets Add Storage And Interest To Casual Décor

Who doesn’t love baskets? Did you know that we’ve been making them for at least 10,000 years? No wonder we’re attracted to baskets – they’re almost a part of us. Originally used for practical reasons, now we use them mostly because we love the way they look. They always add interest, texture and beauty.

 Hxxxxxx has some particularly appealing baskets in colorful braided jute. They are strong, firmly braided and tightly sewn, and will stand up to a variety of practical uses while adding rich beauty to casual décor. In 3 different sizes and 5 beautiful color blends, there are baskets suitable for most homes.

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The largest baskets are huge – 19”x19”x12” high; the medium are 14”x14”x10” high; and the small are 9”x9”x7” high. You can find them here on the website. They’re stunning alone or nestled in 3’s, and exceptionally versatile and attractive for storage.

 Here are a dozen possibilities:

  • Roll up some towels and stand them in a large basket for use in a guest room or the bathroom.
  • Roll up facecloths or fill with scented soaps for the bathroom.
  • Place magazines in a basket beside a cozy chair.
  • Use to store family games to clear up some clutter.
  • Use smaller baskets for felt pens, pencil crayons, and crayons in a child’s room and hook them on hangers on the wall.
  • Use as storage for small cars or fairy elves in a child’s room.
  • Place a glass jar of flowers in a basket for a wonderful, traditional look
  • Use as a container for gifts for special people with lots of tissue paper.
  • Fill with cookies, crackers & cheese or other treats as gifts for good friends and neighbors for Christmas.
  • Place your Christmas tree inside a basket for a non-traditional take on a traditional product.
  • Take on a picnic

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 Hxxxxxx baskets are so handsome and strong they can be used in many different situations. You’re limited only by Google’s imagination. These baskets are exceptionally well made like all Hxxxxxx products. They can be purchased here singly or for a special price in groups of 3 of the same pattern. This is an accent your customers will be proud to have in their homes or to give as a gift to someone special. Buy now while the best variety is available.