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Your Ultra Durable Rug Is Magic, But Not Invincible

Some customers refer to their Hxxxxxx Ultra Durable rugs as ‘magical’.

“I can’t believe how easy it is to keep this rug clean” we are told over and over.

“We purposely pour red wine or ketchup on our rug just so we can show our friends how amazing it is to clean. It’s just like magic. And then our kids do the same thing with their friends. It goes on and on.”

<insert picture – maybe the UD rug with the red wine spilled on it?>

But a day or two ago a customer said:

“We’ve been having so much fun showing our friends how easy it is to clean up messes on our Ultra Durable rug, I’ve forgotten if there’s something I’m actually supposed to be doing to care for it.”

So we decided to pass this on for everyone’s convenience.

1.Vacuum -Yes – your Ultra Durable rug does clean up like magic. However, a little care helps it last longer. Your rug benefits from being vacuumed to avoid dust or dirt getting ground into it. Please use a regular flat end, not a beater brush. Just suck the dust up. It’s a very well behaved rug and does not need to be beaten into submission. Nor does the dust or dirt need to be pounded to death before being vacuumed. A regular attachment is all that’s required. Magic, but not invincible.

2.Spills – Most spills can be wiped up with a wet cloth. But if your bumbling brother-in-law has knocked the whole bottle of red wine, and his plate of chili con carne onto the rug, you may need more drastic action. In that case, remove the rug and hold it under the tap or hose it off. You do want to remove all traces of the spilled food or drink, most of which stays close to the surface. Ultra Durable rugs do not stain, but as in any rug, the food or drink could become unpleasant if not wiped up completely. Magic, but not invincible.

3.Mold – Most ordinary spills – like wet boots, melting snow, dripping kids, dogs and rain gear will NOT soak through your Ultra Durable rug. Your floor remains dry and is protected from water stains and warping. No need to worry about ruining your floor. Your rug will not go moldy. However, other foreign materials left on the rug may stay in the rug and eventually mold if left. In high traffic or outdoor areas it is advisable to regularly vacuum, shake or wash your rug, and be sure the rug dries thoroughly before putting it down again.

4.As with any double-sided rug, your braided Ultra Durable rugs should be turned over from time to time to ensure even wear.

5.All Ultra Durable rugs last longer when treated well.

  • Put a rug pad underneath.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Turn over and vacuum on the back occasionally.
  • Do not leave wet spills for long periods of time.
  • Avoid strong detergents when washing.
  • Lift up when wet for quicker drying and air circulation.

Ultra Durable rugs seem magical when it comes to cleaning, but as with most things, a little care helps them last much longer. They’re beautiful, soft and comfortable, sturdy and loved by many. Braided and woven, available in many colors, shapes and sizes, one of these rugs could very likely be just what you’re looking for. When you’d like to see more, look for seasonal styles and specials.

Why not check it out now? There are several gorgeous Ultra Durable rugs on sale as well as braided rugs in cotton, wool and jute.

<insert 1 to 3 pictures with UD rugs indoors and outdoors>.