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With spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, customers’ thoughts are turning to outdoor patios and sunshine. Hxxxxxx has hatched a completely new, stunning rug collection for Easter that is certain to ‘wow’ your customers, whatever their style of décor.

The Botanica collection, shown here for retailers for the first time, is completely different from anything else on the market, and is sure to be a hit with customers. It is beautiful to be sure, but the light, airy open-space look masks the happy fact that the Meadow rug is tough, durable and stress-free. It is a fresh, nature-inspired addition to the extremely popular Ultra Durable rug line and can safely be used both indoors and out.

<insert picture of Meadow rug here>

The Botanica collection will be available in 6 sizes (6′ round, runner, 2x4′, 4x6′, 6x8′ and 8’x10′) to fit your customers’ needs, and several different colors. Made with tight braids, the Meadow rug is designed for beauty and thoroughly and completely stitched to guarantee functionality and stability.

Customers will recognize that, with its gorgeous look of pure nature, this rug will add finesse and a touch of class anywhere – indoors or outdoors. The unique and desirable Meadow rug is soft, completely washable (with a hose if desired) and is the newest edition to the Hxxxxxx well-loved and trusted line of Ultra Durable indoor/outdoor rugs.

Like all Ultra Durable rugs, the Meadow rug is stain-proof, mold proof and very easy to clean. It saves customers from the stress of worrying whether the kids will spill their dinners on the rug again this Easter, or whether the dogs will run across it with muddy footprints because – joy oh joy – it will clean in a snap. Mud, red wine and mustard wash off quickly. Pet hair vacuums up without resistance.

That’s what speaks to customers and makes them rave about the Ultra Durable line of rugs. They don’t care whether they’re braided or woven; they do care that they’re beautiful to look at and incomparably easy to clean.

The colors have a phenomenal depth to add beauty to your customers décor, because each color is created as an integral part of the fiber. Even a single colored rug such as the Meadow rug may have 14 or more slightly different shades in each braid creating a luxuriant and unparalleled depth of color.

These rugs will quickly become a source of pleasure and pride for your customers, and you will sell them out quickly.

Hxxxxxx is expecting delivery of the Botanica collection of Ultra Durable rugs in time for spring and summer decorating. As usual, we will drop-ship from our warehouse outside of Atlanta Georgia, directly to customers on your behalf. Be among the leaders to give your customers a chance to be the first on the block to have one of these completely new and fascinating, leafy braided rugs on their patio.

The Meadow rug seen here for the first time, and all Ultra Durable rugs at Hxxxxxx combine beauty and livability for your indoor-outdoor enjoyment and freedom.

Order now by calling Karla at _________to be sure to obtain your rugs in time for Easter and spring decorating.

Your customers will thank you for the opportunity to proudly show their family and friends their new spring patio with their Meadow rug reigning in an exquisite look of nature.

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