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This email and a followup series, was written for a client who is a payment services provider in the financial claims sector. The language is very specific for that sector.

Would having a backup acquirer (MID) be a good risk management strategy for you?

Are you putting your business at risk?

We’ve all heard since we were children that it’s not wise to ‘put all of our eggs in one basket’. And we know that’s especially important when it comes to putting our entire business at risk. But strangely, without noticing, that’s frequently exactly the position we put ourselves in.

Many Financial Claims Management companies are still using a single payment processing facility, in spite of the fact that the PPI Reclaims sector is considered to be “high risk” by most acquirers, and is being targeted for curtailment or exclusion as they revise their acceptance policies. What about you? Do you have all of your ‘eggs in one basket’?

What happens if you lose your MID?

You’ve probably noticed that recently, disruptions from losing a MID are happening more frequently, and some large, well-established claims management companies have already experienced this disruption.

 What happens if your acquirer suddenly decides that he doesn’t like the way you dotted one ‘i’ or crossed one ‘t’, or adopts a policy disqualifying PPI in general and suddenly suspends or even terminates your MID with little or no advance notice? Obviously that could be risky, and very costly for your business. Not to mention endlessly frustrating for you. Can you afford this kind of disruption?

As a payment services provider, specializing in the financial claims sector, Cxxxx Payments rises to a major challenge every day – putting the payments industry to work for our merchants in a world where major banks want to put them out of work.

We know your industry, we understand your concerns and we work with you to implement solutions most suitable to your particular needs and situation.

There is a straightforward solution.

We recommend that you consider adding what we call a “redundant processing channel” alongside your current payments funnel. A solution that broadens your acquirer pool, expands your access to payment processing facilities, and eliminates the “all-my-eggs-are-in-one-basket” potential risk factor.

Cxxxx Payment’s “connected redundant” strategy has the potential of running ‘in addition to’, not ‘instead of’ your current processing system. We can establish a completely independent payments channel, which in no way interferes with, or interconnects with, your current processing system. Once the redundant system is in place, you can decide how you want to distribute your processing volumes.

More secure than ever.

For your security and peace of mind, every member of our network of acquiring banks is fully EU licensed and regulated at 3 levels. In addition, neither we, nor the acquirer, ever have direct access to your money. It flows through the major banking channels you know and trust.

At Cxxxx Payments, we are providing backup (and primary) MIDs to some of the largest PPI claims companies, and many of the smaller ones who have already woken up to this risk and have taken action. They won’t be caught out, but will you?

Be smart. Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket.

 Protect your investment – NOW.

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