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How Many Handbags Does The Average 30-Year Old Woman Own?

And When Will She Get Her Next One?

There are certain things that some women like to have a lot of it seems, and the handbag is definitely one of them. According to a post in the Daily Mail, the average 30-year old woman has 21 handbags and buys a new one every 3 or 4 months, looking for something unique, that feels like it was made for her.

 If the above is true, then Hxxxxxx has a line of handcrafted handbags that is not for the average woman – if she wants to buy a new one every 3 months. Because the women that buy these handbags want to hold on to them for years.

 Hxxxxxx handbags are unique, like the women that buy them. They’re handcrafted of sensuous, textured wools in deep, autumn colors and in striking shapes and designs. Since they’re made by hand, every one is a little different from the others – just like the women who love them and want to have one.

<insert pictures of handbags – maybe from the country primitive brochure?>

Made in 20 different color/style combinations, they will blend with essentially every daytime winter outfit. They’re for women who know their own personality, who appreciate handmade and who value the effort and artistry that goes into handcrafted objects. These are women who appreciate tradition and have a connection with their history and the earth.

 To complement these wonderful handbags are 12 different woolen handcrafted pouches, just the right size for change, glasses, makeup or any number of things that like to fall to the bottom of handbags.

   <insert pictures of pouches here>

 All are 10% off now until December 8th. Go here to check them out. And, while you’re there, have a look at all of the other items Hxxxxxx has on an early winter sale as well. Your customers will buy for themselves and for gifts.

 By the way – apparently the ‘average’ British woman spends about £4000 on handbags in her lifetime (that’s over $6200). If only she could try a Hxxxxxx handbag, she’d never want to change for another.