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Star Power Braided Rugs Add A Proud Tradition to Country Décor

What signifies American tradition more than stars?

  • We proudly show them in our flag.
  • Our sheriffs wear them on their chests.
  • We honor our war heroes with them and
  • Place them on sidewalks to honor our favorite movie stars.

Stars are a powerful symbol of hope and pride in colonial tradition and have been used to decorate homes for over 300 years. Take a look at this select series of jute, braided rugs that Hxxxxxx has created to honor this tradition.

<insert pictures of the 3 Texas Star rugs>

Created in 3 stunning, earthy colors, the Texas Star braided rugs will enhance most other colors in your rooms. The neutral colors and clean lines will add a surprising taste of natural luxury that is hard to resist. Made of natural fiber, the go-anywhere neutral tones are enhanced with pops of color in the hand-appliquéd stars and the cleverly designed double rows of contrasting, two-toned border trim. They are barefoot soft and inviting, durable and affordable.

Customers who would like to carry the star symbol a little further in their décor,  may want to consider adding one or more of the 20” striking star trivets to their table or wall. 18 color combinations will blend or contrast with their Texas Star rug. They may want one or even want three – imagine them on an accent wall near the rug, or starring as the centerpiece on a table. Simple and sensational.

<insert pictures of 3 star trivets – possibly Kilimanjaro, Coffee and Bunker Hill>

The Texas Star braided rugs will be available in 7 different sizes. The early arrivals will be here on November 15th and new sizes will come along in December and January. Invite your customers to be among the first to proudly carry the star symbol of Americana tradition into their homes.

Known for our outstanding quality and customer service, Hxxxxxx also has a wide variety of jute, cotton, woolen and Ultra Durable braided rugs for your customers’ decorating pleasure, comfort and convenience.